Folder Replica  v.1.08

Folder Replica is a folder synchronization program. Advancement in HDD drive technology has made hard drives a cheap, fast and accessible backup option.

PC Watch Replica  v.1 6

PC Watch Replica is a freeware skinable watch, chronograph and clock utility for the PC. It enables you to place a customizable replica watch on your desktop. PC watch replica copies the chronographs like Breitling Navitimer,


Advanced Pegs

Advanced Pegs is a replica of a classical card play of the 17th century. Its author is unknown. There are two types of it - English and Continental-European. The play starts on a field filled with chips though with at least one spare square. The goal of

ToolbarToggle Lite

ToolbarToggle is great for new users transitioning to Office 2007 or for power users who want the freedom to use both the Ribbon and the toolbar together. ToolbarToggle is a replica of Office 2003 menus and toolbars for use with Office 2007 (Word and

1-2-3PDFConverter  v.4 1

1-2-3 PDF Converter is a versatile tool for converting your PDF documents in either DOC or RTF files. The program can produce a perfect replica of the original PDF document, or a customized version of it.

The Lost Watch 3D Screensaver  v.1.0

Lost Watch Screensaver is probably the most unusual 3D screensaver you'll ever see. Timepieces are favorites of screensaver artists.'ve never seen a pocket watch like this. It's an exact replica of an 18th century Abraham-Louis Breguet's

BKF Opener Tool  v.5 2

Microsoft posses an NTBackup tool to create replica copy of original documents. It play a vital role as your safeguard & you can carry your entire BKF data for long lasting time at free of cost.

DNotePad  v.1.0

A Tab based Notepad DNotepad is a Simple Replica of Windows Notepad. This is a tab based Notepad. It allows you work with several Text Files at once. Features include Drag and Drop. Its a Freeware created for educational purpose.DNotePad Features: 1.

Nokia 1100  v.

Nokia 1100 is a phone dialer application where you can use exact replica of Nokia 1100 inside your Windows Phone and make a phone call use speed dial function and set/listen ring tone from old Nokia B/W mobiles. ~~~~~ Features ~~~~~ - Speed Dial -

Calc 12c Platinum  v.

The Calc 12c Platinum financial calculator is a software replica of the original HP 12c Platinum.

OST Recovery Microsoft  v.5.5

Exchange server generate OST file as a replica into client machine.

Astromech-ros  v.0.1alpha

Package to interface and control an Astromech Droid (Star Wars' R2-D2 and friends) replica using Willow Garage's ROS Robot Operating System.

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